Wooden Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester United, The Red Devils

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There’s no better way to show your support for your top football team with this intricate Football Map display piece!

This map was inspired by the Old Trafford football stadium, which can be seen in the design as it beautifully replicates the outline of the stadium and the local surrounding area.

It is guaranteed to put a smile on any avid Manchester United fan’s face. It makes a thoughtful and special gift for your loved ones, especially your husband or partner, to commemorate their passion for the sport and their favourite team.

Each map is made from 5 layers of laser-cut MDF, finished in various styles, then carefully and precisely assembled by hand with binding screws in each corner. For the backing layer design, it features a layer of blue to represent the water surrounding the stadium, a layer of oak veneered MDF to add another dimension and colour, and two layers of maple veneered MDF to make the roads and the stadium.

The variety of materials complement each other perfectly, with the different layers creating a 3d effect for a fascinating finishing touch. This is a great gift for any occasion, especially birthdays or anniversaries. When it comes to displaying the map, you can easily mount them on a wall by using the holes on the backing layer. It also includes a slit for support, so the map can remain upright once displayed on a desk.

Frame Size
  • Height: 19 cm
  • Width 25.5 cm
  • Depth 2 cm


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