Personalised Pub Sign - 40 Beer Cap Holder

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UK Bottle Cap Map:
Natural MDF Finish

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Great nights are built on celebrations, enjoyable conversations, and of course, a good drink!

Bottle caps come in varying kinds and colours, the perfect tokens to help you remember your favourite moments. Compile your collection and turn it into a beautiful display piece with this bottle cap holder! It serves as an ideal gift for your father, husband, brother, or any loved one, which can work for any occasion! The text in the middle part is fully customizable with its design, printed with a simple logo. Whether is it a bottle cap that comes from a rare drink or one that simply reminds you of a night you want to remember, this bottle cap holder is the perfect tool to store them safely in one place and turn them into a sentimental decoration for your home.

Each holder is laser cut from 6 mm MDF. It has four prongs in each hole to secure your caps in place, while making sure that they are easy to remove as well. You can mix and match the placements of each cap swiftly without having to take all of them down. The bottle cap holder is also easy to display and can be set up within a few minutes! Keep in mind that you must hang the bottle cap holder firmly and securely to avoid breakage. It is a hassle-free and creative way to display your personal collection!
  • Bottle Cap Holder
  • 40cm x 17.5cm/15.7 inch x 6.8 inch
  • Depth: 6 mm

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