Wooden Memory Keepsake Box - Best Friends Design

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Keepsake Box For A Best Friend

Sometimes, giving a gift that means something special is all about keeping things simple such as a best friend gift box. When you are looking to find the perfect gift for your best friend, then a memory keepsake box is the ideal choice. They can use it to store old photographs of you, and they can even keep their jewellery inside it. Whatever they choose to use it for, you can be sure that one of the best gift ideas for a best friend is a laser engraved wooden memory box. They look great, and they carry a sentimental value that cannot be found anywhere else, making this a gift that can be cherished forever. While the gift itself is not overly complicated, it is true when they say that when it comes to giving a gift, it is the thought that counts.

Keepsake Box Features

• Quality wooden box with catch.
• Each box is professionally engraved by our in house craftsmen
• Optional personalised message to underside of box
• Each design is unique to Tabetha's Touch, designed and engraved by us in house.

Keepsake Box Sizes

  • Medium: 24cm x 18cm x 13cm
  • Large: 28cm x 22cm x 14.5cm
  • X Large: 34cm x 26cm x16cm

Personalised Keepsake Box For Him

Personalised keepsake boxes are not just for girls or women because they can actually make an excellent gift for that special man in your life. In the same way as women, men have a habit of keeping things that mean something to them but they might choose to store it in a drawer, and this is where a personalised keepsake box is an ideal gift for him. He can keep his personal, meaningful items safely stored away and know exactly where they are when he wants to add to them or take a look.

A keepsake box can be used for almost anything, but when he receives it as a gift, you can be sure that he will appreciate it and use it almost immediately.


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