Pawstones - Personalised Pet Memorial Grave Marker Headstone Plaque

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Personalised Pet Memorial Headstones Plaque

Our pets bring so much joy to our lives. From cats that love to cuddle and dogs who love adventurous walks, our pets enhance our lives and offer so much. However, when the time comes and they are no longer with us, they leave a void in our lives that cannot be filled.

They become a part of the family and that unconditional love is missed every single day. However, when your pet does pass away, why not leave a lasting memory by choosing from one of the personalised pet memorial plaques?

Whether their final resting place is in that quiet corner of the garden or in a pet cemetery, remembering them in the right way is the only way to create a lasting memory.

Personalised pet memorial headstones are the perfect way to mark their final resting place. These gorgeous personalised pet memorials are designed to look good but also give you the chance to remember your beloved pet in the right way.


  • Size: 250mm x 130mm x 20 mm thick
  • Designed to last permanently outside.
  • Professionally engraved name plaque
  • Manufactured in our West Sussex Workshop

They are available in a choice of colours and come designed with either two paw prints for larger dogs or three paw prints for a smaller dog or cat. Choosing personalised grave markers should not be a difficult experience which is why we make it so simple. You can choose to have it laser engraved with a personal message and their name as well as dates. Finally, it is cast in concrete and then finished with masonry paint to ensure that it looks good but can withstand the elements. The brass plate sets it off and ensures that it will not look out of place in any garden or pet cemetery.

So, whether you are looking for personalised pet memorial boxes or want to remember your pet in your own way, personalised pet memorial headstones are an ideal choice.


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