Set of Two Laser Cut Men & Women, Boys & Girls Silhouette Bathroom Toilet Restroom Decor

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5mm White Acrylic

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Every room in your house needs a bit of fun, and your bathroom is no exception!

These designs feature an amusing twist to the traditional restroom sign that will surely earn a few giggles from anyone who sees it. The pieces are made out of laser-cut black or white acrylic for a clean and polished look. It includes a stand at the bottom so the décor can be easily displayed and propped up. You can place it on your shelves or counter to complement other pieces or used it on its own to highlight the design. Its modern design adds a humorous touch to your bathroom, creating a comfortable and homey vibe,

This product comes in either white or black for the 5mm Acrylic.

• Set of Two - Standing Bathroom Sign

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