Personalised Keepsake Boxes

Wooden Keepsake Boxes, Memory Boxes and Trinket Boxes

Whether its for a wedding gift, christening gift or simply a box to keep all your cherished memories in, Whatnot Wood Craft has the right box for you. Our hugely popular rustic personalised keepsake boxes are available in 3 different sizes and can be personalised with any wording, pictures or designs of your choice, even your own artwork. We also have wooden memory boxes and pet memorial boxes, to be honest we have a box for every occasion.

These wooden keepsake boxes are also great as storage boxes, maybe for storing family photograph albums, holiday memories, or just to gather receipts.

As life and times move ahead, what’s left behind are trinkets of memories. A photo here, an anniversary card there, a string of shells from the honeymoon, a ticket stub from a city derby, the fake tiara you made for your daughter for her school play, little articles which trigger a beautiful memory when you see them. Memories that you hold on to when you are feeling down in the dumps when you want to smile a little. We all have these little trinkets. The trouble, however, is where to store them safely; and when I mean someplace, not a plastic bag or carton to be shoved into a corner of the attic to lie there forgotten for a decade or two.

A wooden memory box or keepsake box is the perfect place. The beauty about our personalised keepsake boxes is that they are a blank canvas for you to plan out with your own design, photo or name for the ultimate trinket storage solution.


Gift A Personalised Engraved Keepsake Box

Our wooden keepsake boxes also make excellent wooden gifts to be given on any occasion. How often have we turned up to someone’s home with the same old flowers or box of chocolates? And how many times have you ended up being one of the many who came bearing precisely the same gifts?

Gifting a personalised keepsake box to someone you care for and love will not just ensure that of all the gifts, your stands out, it will also offer something for them to treasure for years to come, not like a box of chocolates which last an evening. Wooden memory boxes are perfect as engagement gifts, wedding gifts and of course for the all special 5th wedding anniversary gift to store beautiful memories.

Efficient and Classy Storage

Maybe you have a hobby such as coin collecting, stamp collecting or any other type of collecting. Our personalised keepsake boxes are a very safe, efficient and classy way to store your collections.

These personalised keepsake boxes are also great as storage boxes, maybe for storing family photograph albums, holiday memories, or just to gather receipts. You can have your favourite design or any name laser engraved on these boxes. Laser engraving ensures accuracy and durability, making the personalised boxes a work art.