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Personalised Love Hearts / Mini Love Heart Sweet Bags

Personalised Mini Love Heart Sweet Bags - Wedding Favours

If you are looking for the ultimate personalised wedding gift, then personalised mini love hearts are the perfect favour. Over the years, wedding favours have evolved, and now it is all about achieving that personal touch that provides guests with something that they can both enjoy and keep as a memento.

There is something about love heart sweets that make them so unique, and they provide guests with a nostalgic feeling that takes them back to their childhood. From the unique personalised sweets through to the individual message on the wrapper, they give the guests a fun and exciting addition to their table.

Personalised love heart sweets inject intense colours to your table, but they also enhance the excitement and buzz around the room when guests arrive at your table. They are simple yet so effective, and that is why so many people love them.

Personalised Love Heart Rolls

Everyone remembers the different messages that used to be included on each personalised love heart. They were different and a great way to pass on a message to someone you loved. This is what makes them such an excellent choice for your wedding. Everyone knows them as love hearts but when your personalised love hearts include the message "Just Married", it reminds everyone at your marriage of the love that you and your partner have for one another.

Custom love heart sweets are different, and that is what makes them so unique. From the quirky little message to the specially designed wrapping, everything about this personalised favour is memorable and something that guests can keep.

Each roll is individually wrapped with the traditional love heart design wrapper but with a twist. The personalised wrapper can carry many messages such as "Just Married", "Mr and Mrs or "Bride and Groom". Along with this, it is possible to have a personalised message that could include information relating to the date, the venue or any other personalised message you choose.

Personalised Love Hearts

Choosing personalised love hearts is the perfect way to say thank you to your guests. After all, they have shared this special moment with you, and they were there when you tied the knot. So why not give them something memorable to take away?

Yes, you could go for the more traditional type of favours but where is the real fun in that? Opting for our unique favours will give your wedding reception a real twist, and it will undoubtedly get people talking about your big day long after it has finished. We can help you to create favours that will resonate with your guests, and whether they want to keep them forever or merely enjoy that good, old-fashioned love heart sweet, then it is up to them. However, you can be sure that these are favours that will deliver the right results and they will definitely get your guests talking about them! Everyone loves love hearts, so go on, make them the favour for your big day!