Teachers We Thank You

We cannot quite believe it here at Tabetha’s Touch – it is time to thank our children’s teachers for this year’s effort. And what an effort it was for all schools concerned, standing united to tackle the issues this global outbreak has put upon us all but especially our children and their education. Not only has this affected how we teach, train and motivate our little ones but it also had a huge effect on our wallet and how much we want to spend for certain things.

The next question is what do you give, you see most of us have not had much chance to meet the teachers and therefore you don’t want to give wine to someone that does not drink, chocolates to the teaching assistant that spent the last 3 month loosing weight and so on. Here at Tabetha’s Touch we have created some quite unique gifts that are reasonably priced and above all can be personalised to give that special message from your household.

Our School Merits, Pocket Thank You and Hugs in a pocket are hand crafted in our workshop and bare your own personal message – they are made from quality wood, so all items are nature friendly too. If you decide to collect as a group to pay for your teachers present then we have other suitable alternatives available such as wooden tea boxes, personalised chopping boards and giftboxes all sensibly priced to ensure your budget is catered for.

If you want to get inspired then visit our website and read all of the excellent reviews we have received over the last months, we are quite humbled by them and maybe that will prompt you to share your feeling of thank you for our Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Catering staff, Head Teachers and maybe just that parent that has been sitting at home trying to get to grips with Maths once more.

From us to you – Thank you

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