Christmas - We are Family – What will you send to me?

The word special will take up another rank this year after all the difficulties 2020 has brought to us especially at family level. As we wade (I would love to say sprint) through what seems to be an endless field of obstacles there is another season ahead of us – yes I am talking about the last page of the calendar with the word December on it … shhh yes we know! Too early to spell it out, we at Tabetha’s Touch fully understand that your mind is on the first “real” BBQ in the back garden with your loved ones, but the festive season will come around… and it will be special.

Special ornaments and unique personalised presents are under way here in our Workshop (not the Elf one – but nearly as good) to thank your very special family for the tremendous support and work they have done for you and or the community.

Thank that Key worker with a special gift from our range that are hand finished in our “home” for their home – giving a little gratitude for a year of very hard work.

We ship all our gifts the following day so you can be sure if it goes across the land it will reach its special destination – Tabetha’s Touch will make it happen this year!

From our Family to your Special Family
What will you send?

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