Christmas Eve Box Ideas and Top Tips

Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the whole Christmas period. There is so much excitement, anticipation and energy around this special day. 

I remember when I was younger, Christmas Eve meant my mum taking me and my brother to a local National Trust. Always the same one each year, for the customary brisk walk, no doubt with a serious agenda to tire us both out ! My brother and I would be so excited, encouraging each other to run around as much as we possibly could so that we would be asleep in no time come the evening, before Father Christmas arrived ! (and it always worked - clever idea Mum!) 

Anyway, my point is, this was our special family tradition. Traditions are magical, and lifelong memories are made from them. In the same way, a more modern tradition, the Christmas Eve Box has come about. 

Christmas is different when you are a grown up and since becoming a parent myself, a little bit of that magic reappears once you are seeing it through a child’s eyes. There is really nothing like it and I get even more and  more excited as I share in their excitement. 

Every Christmas Eve we now have our own unique traditions.  The fun day consists of us going to our local farm to see the reindeers, icing the Christmas cake, and visiting our local village Nativity.  Christmas Eve wouldn’t be the same without our customary tradition of raiding the Celebrations before the big day and taking all the good ones!  But our favourite of favourite new tradition we’ve embraced in the last few years is the exciting CHRISTMAS EVE BOX.

Having the unique personalised boxes next to the Christmas tree with the children sitting beside them is probably an image that is imprinted  on my mind. The boxes we use are strong and durable, with a stylish clasp.  Each year the excitement grows as they are brought out once again.  Year after year we so look forward to these special boxes.  

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I usually wrap items in silver or gold tissue paper so that as soon as the box is opened, a treasure chest of shining goodies magically appear.

I fill ours with ;

  • Pyjamas - ones that can be worn all year round.
  • Hot chocolate sachet and marshmallows.
  • Popcorn To accompany our Christmas movie.
  • A small decoration for the tree.
  • A little paper bag of reindeer food - usually porridge oats with edible glitter.
  • A book - often Christmas related.

    Tips on filling your Christmas Eve Box;

    No need to overfill it, as you’ve got the big day for that. Just a few token items to build on the excitement of your already excitable little ones!!

    • Everyday pyjamas not festive, so they can be worn all year.
    • Christmas Eve Boxes don’t need to stop at children, what about the adults or pets in your family too !?
    • Add a touch of magic to your Christmas this year and start your new tradition that will be remembered forever.

    Tabetha x

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