Christmas as a Grandparent (Written by a Grandmother)

Christmas as a Grandparent (Written by a Grandmother)

Being a grandparent all year round is especially enjoyable and so rewarding but at Christmas it's extra special.  Christmas Eve is spent preparing for the big day, making sure everything is ready and just right and everybody's favourites catered for.

Then the BIG DAY hits us with a bang!  The usual excited early morning phone call, full of Father Christmas tales, Rudolph, footprints, half eaten carrots and mince pies and all the presents just what they'd wanted.
'See you soon, special people'.  And sooner than ever 3 pairs of luminous, sparkling eyes connect with mine through the glass pane of my back door.  The beginning of another Christmas of pure joy and love, (until they get overwhelmed with tiredness and just a few too many Celebrations then the crankiness sets in) but that's hours away. Loads of fun before then.

This pure relationship between me and my grandchildren, unique and deeply heartfelt.
What a gift and nothing else in the world needed.
Everyone talking at once, desperate to share their joy, fire lit, their names emblazoned on our precious personalised table top christmas decoration on the mantle piece, nibbles and drinks and presents galore. Paper tossed aside and whoops of delight.
Then, of course, there's the dinner.  Time to focus and not forget the pigs in blankets still in the oven or the sprouts just about to burn.  But these things seem unimportant compared to the joy of spending this precious time with the most important people in my life.

I am extra lucky because my grandchildren are always keen to help me and the team get to work on serving and spoiling our guests.
Crackers pulled, hats on, jokes shared, turkey triumphed and Christmas pud flaming majestically.

Traditions and memories to treasure.
Gradually the tiredness and grumpiness take over.  It's been a very, very long day for grandchildren.  Goodbye hugs and waves goodbye. Time to go home!
And so Grandma to the washing up mountain and once all done, a well deserved, relaxing sit down, just like Father Christmas,and the satisfaction of a brilliant day.

Add some extra magic from the Grandchildren with these beautiful table top family ornament personalised to suit your family, what a wonderful joy for the Grandchildren to see their names but equally as a present for a Grandparent. 

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