2016 Wedding Trends : What is Hot for 2016 : Part 5

2016 Wedding Trends : What is Hot for 2016 : Part 5

Welcome to our weekly guide of what is trending.

Last time we talked about wedding etiquette and speeches, both a very important part of your special day. Now we are coming to the latter part of your wedding day so some key information coming up for you

Proceedings after the speeches are simple but key to a seamless transition from the “Wedding Breakfast” to a slick party in the evening. You see you don’t want everyone to sit around the bar for the rest of the evening whilst the event staff are tidying up the wedding room for you. So allow about 60 minutes for the room to be tidied up and to get ready for the first dance. Task the Best Man or your Maid of Honour to ensure everything is being done. If the cutting of the cake wasn’t done after the speeches, then now is the perfect time to announce this so everyone can go straight back into the room for this once in a life time photo opportunity. Once the cake has been cut it is best to go for the first dance whilst everyone is there…. the party has started.

The First dance should be something that is memorable or personal to you however if you search the internet I am sure you have come across some fabulous Michael Jackson Thriller themed dances; these can work very well if everyone has done some rehearsing. Practice your dance at home over and over to make sure you are “One Team” it pays on the evening, trust me.

The day after is what it is usually a gathering of hungry wedding guests that are seeking lots of coffee and water, naturally you as the Bride and Groom will want to make sure that everyone has had a good time and this is best done over breakfast. Group tables of 10 work well so that you as the host can move from table to table catching up with last nights’ proceedings identifying the one who was the most flamboyant or who proposed to his fiancée. The event management team should have gathered all that was left over on the wedding tables and it is advisable that you keep maybe one place card, a menu and maybe some sprinkles you had for your wedding. These are a nice irreplaceable momentous on how your wedding looked and if the venue is an excellent one then they would have kept most of these items.

Remember to collect the cake, any outstanding presents and cards and when you get home make sure you make a list of who has given you what after all you want them to send a thank you card or even a gift. Tabetha’s Touch does many gift items so just browse our site for some inspiration.

Dare I say but soon we will be talking about autumn events, fireworks night and even (!) Christmas

Happy Planning

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