2016 Wedding Trends : What is Hot for 2016 : Part 4

Welcome to our weekly guide of what is trending.

There is a lot of planning involved in your wedding so we try to assist you by offering you a wide range of wedding bags, sweet bags with a great range of personalisation. Tabetha’s Touch is evolving all the time and you will see that our website pictures have recently changed to give you a little bit of an idea what you can use our products for.

Last time we talked about a focus on food and how easy it is make a lovely wedding into an amazing one with different food stalls and a wide variety of food offerings. The classic drinks package is dated and new trends such as a personal bar man who can create bespoke cocktails for your special day is on trend - have you tried our Martini Rosso Fizz recipe? If not just look back on our last Blog Post for the instructions.

Wedding Etiquette is ever so important and by keeping some old traditions a modern wedding will keep the older members of the family interested and will add a touch of extra class. Let the Bride and Groom see the finished dining room first before any of the guests can see it after all, it is their dream day and the photographer can get a special shot across the tables without worrying about spills of wine etc.

Don’t forget that the Mother of the bride is still important so don’t leave her in the corner with all the relatives whilst you are chatting to your friends, by including the Bride Mothers the whole Wedding Party will see that the environment is less tense – trust me!

Wedding Etiquette

It is a long and exhausting day for the happy couple so the Best Man together with the Ushers should communicate with staff on site how they can help controlling the wedding guests to avoid time loss during photographs.

If you have your children with you it is important that you and your partner know who will be looking after them otherwise the young ones can be a bit of a handful after some time.

Speeches I have heard many speeches “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”, the classic line up still stands as the Father of the Bride makes his first speech, followed by the Groom and the Best Man however this is 2016 and the Bride very often would like to share some words of thanks. Keep the content to what is personal to you, avoid risky jokes as they usually don’t work and leave you standing in silence and if the stag/hen weekend was successful – keep it to yourself to avoid an ugly one. Remember loved ones in your speech and don’t forget all the little helpers either as they make the day very special too.

Thanking the staff can be incorporated in your speech which the manager in charge will pass on to all the staff concerned, a nice touch is a gift bag for key members of staff whom were involved in your wedding day planning, if you feel generous then a tip is still the best way of thanking the venue organisers.

Next time we will be talking about proceedings after the speeches, first dance and the day after……

Happy planning


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