2016 Wedding Trends : What is Hot for 2016 : Part 3

2016 Wedding Trends : What is Hot for 2016 : Part 3

Old Hollywood Glamour

Welcome to our weekly guide to what is trending

Last week we talked about Old Hollywood Glamour, Abundant floras and the return of the Groom in a dinner Jacket.

A focus on food is another current trend that must be carefully planned, good food can make a lovely wedding completely incredible. More and more of us are fond of fine food nowadays and by offering an amazing culinary experience for your guests at your wedding will be a big thing in 2016. Forget the good old evening buffet and arrange for a gourmet food truck for the evening, or how about letting your guests create their own pizza or a fancy sandwich – a mini delicatessen van has recently been spotted where your guests can choose from a mobile counter on what to eat very fancy and unique.

Different food stations are another big thing in 2016 and 2017 like a delicatessen counter guests can pick different foods from different counters and enjoy them at the table.

Drinks packages are old hat these days as wedding couples offer bespoke cocktails adding a glamourous feel to the venue – and yes Martini is back (really) try for yourself, using a 250 ml wine glass full of ice cubes, 75ml of Martini Rosso and fill to the top with Prosecco you can’t get trendier then that. Of course you can hire your own bar tender who will surprise you with some real treats.

It doesn’t always have to be wine at the table, ice bowls of fruit cider and small bottles of beer are back, together with fruit cocktail bowls where guests can help themselves.

Being able to use your own ideas is something we really embrace here at Tabetha’s Touch our bespoke wedding and hen night bags will add that special touch to your wedding day and if it is not on our website then email us and we will try to accommodate your request.

Next time we will be talking about wedding etiquette, speeches and thanking the staff.

Happy planning

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