2016 Wedding Trends : What is Hot for 2016 : Part 2

2016 Wedding Trends : What is Hot for 2016 : Part 2

Welcome to our weekly guide to what is trending

Last week we talked about colours and natural elements that can make your wedding different to anyone else’s, after all it is your day your way.

Old Hollywood Glamour will add the glitz and sparkle to your wedding, a glamorous red carpet vibe is making its way back to weddings in 2016 and 2017. Embrace this with an actual red carpet, a 20’s style wedding dress, lots of dark wood and the Groom in a dinner jacket.

If Old Hollywood is a little too much for you, you’ll really like the electric décor trend that is currently happening.  Seating will have an alternative turn with lounge style furniture set to take centre stage. People will also look for opposites and contrasts like greenery mixed with an industrial setting or polished metal and dark wood.

Abundant florals is all about bringing the outside to the inside. Flower walls and wedding venues with folding back doors that are connecting to beautiful gardens are all the trend this season. Some celebrities have spent a small fortune on flower walls so if you want to be trending, this is the way.

At Tabetha’s Touch we are all about bringing the wedding together, it is hard enough to organise the big and important things so when it comes to the smaller but not so insignificant things like gift bags, hen party bags or simply an activity pack for the page boy then look no further, we will deliver so that you don’t have to worry about the small details.

Next week we shall be talking about a Focus on Food, Drink Package recommendations and Wedding Planners.

Have a good week.

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